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fishSAFE 2025; Saving the lives of the world's poorest fishers



fishSAFE 2025; Saving the lives of the world's poorest fishers

Countless Bangladeshi fishers
die at sea every year,
leaving communities devastated
and families heartbroken.
It doesn’t have to be like this…

Darren Mitchell

Operations Manager for the FISH Safety Foundation

and Project Manager for the fishSAFE 2025 programme

The death rate among fishers in Bangladesh is significantly higher than the global average. Yet despite worsening storms and rougher seas due to climate change, going fishing isn’t optional. With one of the highest poverty rates in Southern Asia and few alternative ways to earn a living or feed a family, it’s essential.

Funded by Lloyd’s Register Foundation and implemented by the FISH Safety Foundation, the fishSAFE 2025 project has identified safety awareness, training and equipment as simple but vital interventions that can cut death and injury rates, and protect property in poor countries across the world. “We’ve already employed a Master’s student from a local university and we’re now working with two village communities beside the Bay of Bengal,” says Darren Mitchell from fishSAFE 2025. “In July 2020, we launched a train-the-trainer programme for around 15 people to kick off a process that will grow organically and ultimately train some 400 fishers, trawler owners and skippers. We’re currently translating a suite of training materials to support this programme – and we’ve developed a promotional campaign to give fishers a basic awareness of safety procedures.”

The fishSAFE 2025 team is also working with, an initiative of the FISH Safety Foundation that focuses on recycling, repurposing and reusing safety, vessel and fishing equipment from the UK industry and elsewhere.

“We’re targeting a 20% reduction in vessels lost, and 25% in serious injuries, ill-health and fatalities by 2025,” concludes Darren. “It’s challenging, but with the support of our partners it’s achievable – and it will go a long way to bringing some desperately needed security, safety and peace of mind to these fishing families.”


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