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Seth Schultz

Executive Director, The Resilience Shift


Seth Schultz

Executive Director, The Resilience Shift

“Time’s running out for the things that keep us ticking,” says Seth, who took up his position at The Resilience Shift in January 2020. “Transport systems, digital communications, water networks and energy grids… infrastructure is the lifeblood of our world. It supports every aspect of how we live, work and play – yet it’s under threat as never before, from factors including population growth and urbanisation to climate change and the technological revolution.”

The facts make for stark reading: 470 million people are expected to face extremely high water stress by 2030; $94 trillion in global infrastructure funding is needed by 2040; and climate-related disasters have already cost the planet $650 billion over the last three years.

“To me, The Resilience Shift is an insurance policy for humankind’s future,” adds Seth. “Thanks to the continuing backing from the Lloyd’s Register Foundation, we’ve made a good start, including engaging directly with more than 5,300 people, a community from 42 countries and projects worth over £3.2 million. But there’s a lot more to do – our aim is to make sure that the world’s infrastructure can quickly recover from acute shocks and chronic stresses, and adapt to a continually changing world, no matter what those changes might be.”


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